(2007 - 2015)

About Trystan Seven

'Trystan Seven' started out as a YouTube channel in May of 2008 as a way to upload and host Runescape PVP videos that were edited for a friend.


Later on, the channel began to grow rapidly as big names in the Runescape scene at the time began sharing the videos around.

Before long, I had gotten well over 6,000 subscribers for a game I didn't even play anymore.

In 2009, I started becoming more comfortable with sharing music I had written in my spare time, and eventually made the switch to posting only music that I had written onto that YouTube channel under the alias Trystan Seven.

However, switching from Runescape PVP videos to music wasn't perceived too well by my followers, and eventually the "when are the Runescape videos coming back" comments became a headache.

Even after moving to a new YouTube channel (TrystanSevenMusic) and encouraging only people who enjoyed my music to re-subscribe, I still was getting people wondering when I'd make Runescape videos again.

For history's sake, here's a really cringe Runescape video I edited for my friend, Tylerthe, back in 2008.

As hard as this is to watch now, one thing I do really like about this relic is it shows even back in 2008 I was into some really underground music, and these artists ended up being some major inspiration to me later on!

Click the information icon in the video player for more information.

At some point my previous domain name got compromised, and it was around the same time someone else was claiming to be me and starting rumors. I saw this as a golden opportunity to switch aliases to something new and rebrand.

7rystan had always been a secondary alias of mine that I had previously used for more chill music I would write, so I chose to completely rebrand to it in early 2015.

Over the next few years, I began subconsciously fading out music I wrote as Trystan Seven, but then I began to get questions from people asking where it went.

At first I thought "why don't they listen to my new music? It's better quality..." but eventually I realized the human ear doesn't work like that! We like what we like, even if the person who made the thing doesn't, so I'd like to apologize for making it all disappear, and I'd like to make it up to you all by hosting all of it here for free!

For those of you who have stuck around this long... I'm not sure why you would, but damn you're awesome!

Thank you all so much for all your support over the years!