Writing music has been my passion ever since I was introduced to Cakewalk and Tuareg back in the early '90s as a kid.


Around 2004 my curiosity peaked when I was introduced to FL Studio 3. Soon after I began to aspire to produce music of all kinds, especially when I discovered EDM genres such as Drum & Bass, Glitch, IDM, Dubstep, and Trap.

Now days I find it most satisfying when I successfully blend genres, since my tastes have always been so broad. Sticking to one genre per song used to kill my drive and creativity, leaving me feeling tired with the song before I was even finished writing it.


Throughout my schooling, I was constantly taking and progressing through levels of music theory classes and choir, teaching me to appreciate all forms of music: the new, the old, the weird and the unsettling - all of it.

That's why my music's so freakin' weird. :3

Happy listening!


Artwork by NaL